Processing DSP

Not least important is the equipment, which is treated with DSP. It is not enough to buy good quality stuff, it still needed to accurately process. No modern production is not without tools. Of course, you can cut chipboard ordinary saw, but how long will it take, and the accuracy with which the details will be made? In order to cut it nice and smooth, and DSP processing, there are many assistive devices. We will tell you about the most common and basic. These include formatted machines, Drilling machines, edge banding machinery, CNC machining centers.

Let's examine each of these tools separately. What is a CNC machining center? CNC stands for numerical control. In other words, this machine is controlled by computer. Modern technologies make the production process is so automated that a person can only put the material and press the button, the machine does everything else about himself. The designer creates a project in a program that processes the data, calculates the optimum cut, considering all the angles, cuts, and even the holes for the hinges, eccentrics and other fasteners. This machining center has in its arsenal, not only saw, capable of making cuts at different depths and at different angles, but also a different diameter drill bits, milling cutters for cutting intricate parts, laser sensors, exhaust. Moreover, this machine will do everything much faster and more accurately than do men. However, the main disadvantage of machining centers is their cost.

However, buying such a machine, the manufacturer is almost completely frees himself from manual labor. These centers are mainly suitable for manufacturers, who often work with the same type designs. The software of these machines allows you to save projects in the database, and without unnecessary time-consuming to use an already created the project again and again. Of course, such a machine can be purchased and the company is working with individual orders, but because of the high cost of equipment, products will be of great value. Therefore, companies operating under the order, get Saws. Formatted machine as the name implies is used to cut a sheet of chipboard on the part of the desired format. If we look at it simplistically, it is a saw and carriage, which manually move the sheet material by sawing it into pieces the size you want. The disadvantage of this machine is quite heavy dependence on whether the expert is working on it. And if the CNC machining center expects all himself, then Saws lot rests on the shoulders sawyer working on it. If the master does not have the qualifications, it is quite possible errors in the work.

On the other hand, such machines are cheaper and provide an opportunity to reduce the cost of manufactured goods on them, but quality and reliable formatted the machine will last a long time. As we already know, the end DSP processing needs, as exposed to moisture, chipping and other negative influences. In order to elevate and protect the face, use the edge. But if anyone can melamine edge glue myself at home using improvised means, then some edges are glued with edge banding machines. This machine is precisely and efficiently glues the edge, cuts the extra edge, and can stick it on the curved parts. This machine greatly simplifies and speeds up work on the edge of adhesion, gluing and quality increases significantly. Finally, drilling and insertion machines. With their help, made holes for the various accessories, hinges, fasteners, and guides. As a result, most consumers do not have a place to mount vymeryat, just use the already scheduled an opening for a screw or eccentric, which greatly facilitates the assembly.