Metal frames

It often happens that the stand must be placed on products whose weight is great enough. These categories of products such as household chemicals, alcohol, food, often weigh a lot, and in order to keep the heavy weight metal frame is required. Typically, frame made of welded steel pipe is a different cross sections and thickness. Although the pipe may be of the same section, it all depends on the design and load. Part of the stand, which are special load can be made from thick-walled pipes.The most commonly used square tube, because they have straight edges, which are easier to fasten cladding panels. The wall thickness is selected on the basis of anticipated workload. For example, the stand on which is located about 80 kg. It is better to do out of the pipe cross-section 25x25 mm. and a wall thickness of 2 mm. Despite the seemingly small thickness, the metal is strong enough to withstand a lot of weight.

Tubes are attached together by welding. Properly made and processed by the weld is not subject to corrosion, durable, and even barely noticeable.Once the entire structure is welded to handle it. All welds are stripped to make them look neat and do not have any irregularities. After that the skeleton must be painted. Usually, metal structures painted with powder paint. Painting in the following sequence: first, the construction of defatted, then spray booth powder is applied to it, due to electrostatic charge, he kept on metal, and after applying the powder structure is placed in an oven heated to 180-200 degrees, so that the powder is polymerized. After melting the paint on the fixed structure and the product is cooled. This coating protects against corrosion, resistant to scratches, and the number of possible colors is sufficiently large. To select a color to see color RAL.RAL color scale was developed in Germany. To date, this is one of the most frequently used color scales. It includes a variety of colors. Choosing a color scale, the client is confident that his product will be painted in a color and no other. You can also pick up a corporate color. Numbers on the scale of four-color, and the first digit indicates the shade