Most of them are on our website stands are made of chipboard, laminated chipboard or rather of - laminated chipboard. It has a stove made from wood chips and covered with a layer of laminate. Because the chip is a waste in the processing of wood, particle board is less than the cost relative to other materials of similar thickness. Durability, plenty of choices of color and thickness, low cost and wide processing capabilities make the best material for chipboard furniture. CPD is an environmentally friendly material, which is derived from the production of pressed chips, and as the connecting elements are the thermo resin. Thus, a chipboard, which is polished and put on its surface is laminated with a variety of decors. Laminated plate has a higher moisture resistance, has a more attractive appearance and can be used for the production of furniture and stands. Colors are many and particleboard can mimic the texture and color of the wood. The same DSP can be monochrome, color and even glossy.

Many people think that the DSP can be dangerous to humans, because as the glue used formaldehyde resins. DSP, from which we make stands, fully complies with E1 and formaldehyde in it does not exceed 6.5 mg/100 g to form a more complete picture of the DSP, you should know about its other properties. About Safe contents of formaldehyde, we have already described. Now you should talk about the quality of the slab. In terms of quality indicators chipboard may refer to the class II-A or II-B. Grade II-A has the best performance in bending, warping, has a lower percentage of swelling when wet. It is also distinguished by grade particleboard. Particleboard is 1st or 2nd grade. CPD a variety of higher quality than 2nd grade particleboard. Under the high quality means the absence of irregularities on the surface of the plate, no chips. In our work we use the best grades of particleboard produced in Austria. This board meets the most stringent standards. Estvenno, this board has some great price compared to other manufacturers of chipboard, but the difference in price is more than justified. Particleboard quality better than holding fixture, as screeds, and on evrovintah, has an even layer lamination without any flaws and chips, due to better quality chips, used in the manufacture of chipboard, it is better glued edge. And, of course, durability and moisture resistance boards, which can easily withstand even heavy loads and to maintain their properties under the action of moisture, compared with cheaper boards. It is of the highest quality chipboard to make your stand.