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Our company develops and manufactures trade stands. We produce a comfortable and functional benches made of particleboard, which can easily fit into the interior of each store and will present your product in the most favorable light. All stands are designed by professional designers considering cutting chipboard, flow edges and fasteners.

Why such a careful study? Do not be simpler to assemble a simple wardrobe? Of course, it's easier, but we care not only about how to stands looked nice and modern, but the fact that you do not overpay for the DSP, who went to waste due to non-optimal cutting for extra ties and fasteners.

Each stand on our site has a standard size. Taking the one of the stands, you can equip it yourself. On our site you will find plenty of options and equipment stands from the DSP. You can choose the color of the chipboard, color, edges, and even the option of joining parts of the stand. All our stands are made from high quality materials. For detailed information about them you can read on our website under Materials.

Taking CPD Austrian manufacturer, we are creating a stand, attracting to his views. After all, merely changing the color of the edge, you can stand to give an original look. Using attachments (whether shelf-talkers, stoppers and colorful full-color images on the stand), you can greatly simplify the choice for the buyer of the goods.
Ordering a stand, you get it packed in a cardboard box a thickness of 15 cm following the instructions for assembling the stand, you can easily connect all the details. With this work can easily cope two people.

Carry out the order is very simple: You can contact us by phone at (495) 925-51-53 or e-mail . You can also place your order directly on the site by clicking on the "I want this!" Near the selected item.
By selecting the number of stands, color chipboard, edge color and optional equipment (shelf talkers, stoppers, image, light boxes and backlit shelves, etc.), you leave your contacts and send us the order. Further, our specialists will contact you, send you an invoice, and will specify the delivery location.

Delivery in Moscow is free. Delivery of the Moscow region in Russia's regions is calculated individually.

To create a stand, we can use metal, but also ready to perform all-metal stand with a molded plastic shelves. This stand will stand considerable strain, and its appearance is elegant and attractive. Stand you will get almost assembled, will only connect the two parts and tighten the two screws.

We can also make a stand for your customized using the provided dimensions and the necessary configuration. The basic principle of our work - an individual approach to each client, so we must take into account all your wishes.

In addition, we offer our customers flexible prices. When placing an order on our website you can add or remove any elements of design (shelf talkers, wobblers, full-color printing), booth equipment (boxes, constraints on the shelf), and change its configuration (wheels to move, extra shelves, locks, doors). Respectively, will change and the total price of the reservation.

And, of course, with our stands you can always meet "live" look at samples of our work, to assess the quality of materials and workmanship. We will always be glad to see you.